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Telugu movie lovers never get complete movies on any platform. It is the best news for all tollywood lovers that in this era of digital progress, iBomma is the platform that provides you an easy access to your favorite movies. Along with it, you get news of latest releases and cinematic experience. Enjoy watching iBomma Telugu movies.

iBomma is the platform which provides complete Telugu movies and that too at one click. So, for all those fans who belong to this school of thought find it a great platform. Moreover, the platform captivates users with the rich Telugu based content. 

iBomma app is available for Android download iBomma for Android here and iOS devices. It has already been downloaded by millions of users (src Google Play). You can download the app and start using it on your television screen as well.

ibomma telugu movies

iBOMMA Latest Telugu Movies

All the latest released Telugu movies are available on iBomma. Not a single genre is missing which captivates more users. iBomma is not only for thrilling or action movies but comic, family dramas, and love stories are also available. All the newest films come directly from cinemas of Tollywood to iBomma with the same HD quality available on any kind of screen. So, all the platform users enjoy the brilliance of Tollywood. 

Telugu Movies Library on iBOMMA

There is an extensive library of movies where thousands of movies are listed. In this vast collection of movies, Telugu cinema is also available. Telugu lovers can easily select their favorite movies by navigating and picking according to taste. iBomma not only deals with the superhit, recently released, but also the classic blockbusters. So, in whatever mood you are, a movie according to it will be available to you. 

iBOMMA Telugu Movie Catalog

In a catalog of Telugu movies, there are a majority of movies each containing a different story and presenting a different picture. One having interest in this can explore according to his choice. All the movies are so captivating and show the heritage by covering every genre. All those movies are also available which are not very much explored, so for a purpose of novelty one can watch that too. 

New Releases on iBOMMA

One of the best features of iBomma is to keep its users updated. The platform shares all the important updates regarding any projects soon to be launched. So, all the enthusiasts get a great chance to stay connected. It provides an opportunity for all its users to stay ahead of all those who are not on this platform. It ensures that you never miss anything related to your choice. 

iBOMMA Telugu Movie Streaming

Get yourself involved in the cinema provided by iBomma. It is designed so beautifully for the convenience of users and the streaming experience is also so good. Moreover, the video quality is so amazing that the movie never seems boring. To add value to user experience, iBomma ensures the audio and video quality must be to the mark. So, get ready to experience a home based cinema. 

Watch Telugu Movies Online on iBOMMA

If you get your cinema at your drawing room, what’s the need of going outside and buying tickets after standing in long cues? By using iBomma you can enjoy watching Telugu movies at your own selected destination. You can easily watch movies at home or abroad. It’s so simple to use the platform just create an account, select your movie, and start streaming. 

iBOMMA Telugu Movie Download

iBomma not just provides live streaming but also the option to download a movie. So, you do not need to worry about internet facilities if you are travelling. You can avail the download feature to download your favorite Telugu movie to watch your trip. This feature is so amazing that it allows you to have access to your favorite cinema even without the internet. 

iBOMMA Telugu Movie Website

iBomma is specifically designed to provide easy access to all Tollywood lovers. Users can have access to all the premier features to watch their favorite movies with a single click. It allows you to find new releases as well as access to old one’s. Moreover, you can read your favorite stars, movie reviews, feedback, and also behind the scenes shots. 

Empowers Telugu filmmakers

This platform provides great assistance to all the filmmakers who are trying to create impact in the industry. iBomma is an international platform and in reach globally. It serves great benefit for all the actors and directors to showcase their talents to the whole world. So, the opportunities get widespread for all those working in Telugu movies.


To conclude, all the creativity of Telugu cinema is well depicted by iBomma. This platform provides a catalog of the movies to choose from. All the recently released and the classics are listed for providing choice of selection. Moreover, it covers all the genres so you can easily select depending upon your mood. So, all the Telugu lovers whether passionate or new users must explore iBomma to avail easy access to movies. You can easily enter the world of Tollywood by just one click. Join and get to know about the life of your favorite stars. 

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