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Introduction to the iBOMMA APP

iBOMMA for iOS provides movies in around 22 languages apart from movies you can also watch some TV shows like Shark Tank India and other TV shows. An Indian web series is also available to watch on iBOMMA. You can add these movies, TV Shows, and web series to your favorite list and download it to watch it offline when you don’t have access to the internet.

iBOMMA is an amazing website and app containing thousands of movies in Tamil language and you can watch these movies for Free and without any registration. In the iBOMMA for iOS you will get access to the latest and trending movies in your region.

iBOMMA IPA Download latest version iBOMMA for iOS Available NOW

iBOMMA for iOS / iBOMMA app Information

App Information

Introducing iBOMMA, the ultimate entertainment hub for Apple users! With a compact size of 14 MB, the latest version 3.2.1 guarantees a seamless viewing experience. Developed by iBOMMA, the app’s package name is com.iBOMMA. Compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above, iBOMMA ensures widespread accessibility. Stay up-to-date with the latest features, as the app was last updated in September 2023. Elevate your entertainment experience by downloading iBOMMA for iOS and delve into a world of movies and shows tailored for your enjoyment!



What’s new in the latest version

  • Access to new Telugu comedy movies
  • Access to new Tamil comedy movies
  • Video playback
  • A broad spectrum of Telugu movies from different genres at your fingertips
  • A broad spectrum of Tamil movies from different genres at your fingertips
  • Watch movies online over 3G, 4G, and WiFi
  • Monthly original releases
  • Enjoy movies on multiple devices
  • Watch offline

Download iBOMMA app

How to find the latest version of the app

You can find the latest version of the iBOMMA app from different resources like App Store there are also multiple resources you can use which are described below.

Official Website:

Visit the iBomma APP official website of the app or the developer. Developers often provide the latest IPA files for download on their websites. Look for a dedicated section related to downloads or updates.

Third-Party App Stores:

Explore some popular third-party app stores that host a variety of Android applications. Be careful and choose well-known platforms to avoid security risks. Some popular alternatives include Amazon Appstore and Aptoide.

In-App Update Option:

Some apps have an internal update mechanism. Check within the app’s settings or menu for an “Update” or “Check for updates” option. This is common for applications that aren’t exclusively distributed through official stores.

Community Forums:

Engage with relevant Android communities or forums where users discuss app updates. Developers often announce new releases or provide IPA links in such forums. Ensure the information is from reliable sources.

How to update the iBOMMA app

If you find the latest version of the iBOMMA for iOS you can download the latest IPA and open the IPA file you will see an installation-like screen there you can see an update button to update the app. You may also find an update option in the app settings for update enable the option for auto update the iBOMMA app.

Streaming and downloading the movies from app

Explore Unlimited Entertainment with iBOMMA app

Discover a world of Telugu movies, TV shows, and live channels with iBOMMA’s vast database. Whether you’re into specific genres or want to find something quickly, iBOMMA’s easy-to-use interface has got you covered. Click on a title, and you can choose to play it in SD, HD, or even 4k – the video quality adjusts automatically based on your internet connection.

No Need for Extra Apps: Built-In Player for Easy Viewing

Forget about needing a separate player for your Android phone. iBOMMA comes with its own built-in player, making it a breeze to watch your favourite movies and shows in any quality without any extra installations.

Download Now, Watch Anywhere: iBOMMA’s Offline Viewing Feature

One of the best features of iBOMMA is ‘Save Offline.’ This awesome option saves you time and lets you enjoy entertainment without worrying about internet quality. Once your download is done, find your movie in the offline section and enjoy watching movies offline.

iBOMMA app features

No Registration Required, Completely Free

Enjoy the fantastic features of iBOMMA for iOS without the hassle of registration. It’s a totally free platform, offering a diverse range of videos, music, and other exciting content without spending a penny.

High-quality movies and Sounds, 4K and HD Available

Enjoy the fantastic features of iBOMMA for iOS without the hassle of registration. It’s a totally free platform, offering a diverse range of videos, music, and other exciting content without spending a penny.

Multilingual Accessibility

iBOMMA for iOS caters to a global audience with its availability in 22 different languages. Language is no barrier when you want to enjoy the diverse range of content this app has to offer.

Convenient Downloading and Offline Features

Download your favorite content with ease and enjoy it offline. iBOMMA for iOS gives you the flexibility to watch your preferred videos anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Universal Compatibility with Digital Streaming Devices

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or any other digital streaming device, iBOMMA for iOS is compatible with all. Enjoy seamless streaming on your preferred device.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly through iBOMMA for iOS with its user-friendly structure. The app provides easy video playback options, making your entertainment experience smooth and enjoyable.

Extensive Collection of Local Indian Movies

Immerse yourself in a vast collection of local Indian movies. iBOMMA for iOS offers a diverse range of regional content to cater to various tastes.

Watch Dubbed Movies, Various Formats Available

Explore the world of dubbed movies with iBOMMA for iOS. The app supports different formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, and HD, providing a versatile viewing experience.

Latest Version with Reduced Space Coverage

Upgrade to the latest version of iBOMMA for iOS, now available with less space coverage. Experience advanced videos with improved efficiency, utilizing fewer data and battery resources.

Free Online Tollywood and Bollywood Movies

Enjoy the freedom to stream free Tollywood and Bollywood movies online. iBOMMA for iOS provides a diverse selection of movies from both industries.

iBOMMA movie categories

Horror Movies on iBOMMA

Experience spine-chilling moments with iBOMMA’s collection of horror movies. Get ready for a thrilling ride with the best in the genre.

Action-Packed Entertainment

For adrenaline-pumping excitement, check out iBOMMA’s action movies. From intense fight scenes to high-octane sequences, it’s a haven for action enthusiasts.

Romantic Escapades

Indulge in the world of love and romance with iBOMMA’s romantic movies. Whether it’s heartwarming love stories or passionate dramas, find it all here.

Drama Unleashed

Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling with iBOMMA’s drama movies. From emotional sagas to intense character-driven narratives, explore the depth of human experiences.

Science Fiction Spectacles

Embark on futuristic journeys with iBOMMA’s science fiction movies. Explore otherworldly realms and technological wonders in this captivating genre.

Mystery Unravelled

Engage your mind with iBOMMA’s mystery movies. Solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and experience suspenseful plots that keep you guessing until the end.

Tragedy Struck

Witness poignant tales with iBOMMA’s tragedy movies. Experience the depth of human emotions as characters navigate through life’s challenges.

Mythological Marvels

Connect with ancient legends through iBOMMA’s mythology movies. Immerse yourself in tales of gods, goddesses, and epic adventures.

Web Series Extravaganza

Dive into the world of extended storytelling with iBOMMA’s web series. Enjoy binge-worthy content with diverse themes and engaging narratives.

TV Series Galore

Indulge in the variety of iBOMMA’s TV series. From family dramas to thrilling sagas, there’s something for every TV enthusiast.

Comic Relief: Comedy Movies

Lighten the mood with iBOMMA’s comedy movies. Laugh out loud with a diverse range of humorous tales and entertaining performances.

Family-Friendly Children’s Movies

Create unforgettable moments with iBOMMA’s children’s movies. Delight in family-friendly content suitable for all ages.

War Epics

Experience the intensity of battle with iBOMMA’s war movies. Dive into historical narratives and witness the courage and sacrifice of war heroes.

Thrilling Adventures

Keep your heart racing with iBOMMA’s thriller movies. Explore suspenseful plots and gripping narratives that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice

Celebrate the spirit of sports with iBOMMA’s sports movies. Whether it’s the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, experience the highs and lows of athletic endeavours.

Bollywood Bliss: Hindi Movies

Immerse yourself in the magic of Bollywood with iBOMMA’s Hindi movies. Explore the diverse world of Hindi cinema right at your fingertips.

iBOMMA supported languages

  • English
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Kannada
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Spanish
  • Gujarati

How to use iBOMMA to watch movies

The iBOMMA app is simple for everyone to use. First of all you need to download the app on your device where you want to watch videos. You can choose to download it in your own language. Once it’s installed, open the app to find TV shows, movies, and more. There are different categories to choose from, and filters to make it easier. Enjoy regularly updated content on your smart device.

How to watch Telugu movies

Watching Telugu movies on iBOMMA is super easy. Just get the iBOMMA app on your device, and choose your language while downloading it. Once it’s on your device, open the app, and you’ll find lots of Telugu movies to enjoy. Pick from different categories, and use filters to make it even simpler. Have a great time exploring regularly updated Telugu content on your smart Android device with the iBOMMA app. Happy watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

The iBOMMA IPA operates in a legal grey zone. We want to clarify that we do not endorse any illegal activities. If you come across anything that seems incorrect, feel free to reach out to us at the contact page. Your feedback is important to us.

No, you can’t use iBomma on your apple.

Make sure to update the app to its latest version to avoid any issues. Keeping the app up-to-date ensures a smoother experience and helps prevent potential problems.